Gone are the days when your auto electrical system was a kettering ignition and a light circuit.

The modern car relies on its electrical system to manage EVERYTHING!

All our team are highly trained in auto electrics and as experienced mechanics we know the difference.

Problems with your EFI?

When it comes to fuel injected cars, look no further than Roadside Auto Care for an accurate diagnosis. We are constantly updating our equipment and knowledge base to ensure you; the customer, are assured of a correct diagnosis the first time.

Down time on your vehicle is not only of a great inconvenience but may also be costly, at iCar we understand how important it is for your car to be reliable in every way.

In modern vehicles of today it is not uncommon to find up to five (5) onboard computers in your car. You have systems such as ABS, EFI, Traction Control, Body Control, Transmission Control and other systems that all rely on an onboard computer.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment available from Electra, we are able to interface with your vehicles onboard computer via our own laptop computer. The result is an accurate diagnosis with a printed report of any faults within your EFI system both before and after repairs are affected.
No one can offer this kind of diagnosis the way we do.

If you've been told to 'try it and see how it goes'... chances are its not fixed.

If you have any concerns with your cars electrical, please give us a call for piece of mind.


For individuals & fleets, including log book service


iCar offer full manufacturer log book servicing as well as highly experienced advice and recommendation.

Our qualified, factory trained technicians are experienced in and able to provide Log Book Servicing for Holden, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Kia, Daewoo, Ford, Mitsubishi and many more.


iCar specialise in fleet servicing. If you own a small fleet from 3 vehicles or more we have business fleet packages to suit you.

iCar Service has managed vehicle fleets since 2002, and a key partner is Custom Fleet.

ICar Service prides itself on offering
unmatched levels of service and care.


I'm so happy that I've finally found a mechanic I can trust!I took my car in for a service and the customer service from these guys are just amazing! They had my car done in less than 2 hours! They even dropped me off at home while they work on my car! Love it!These guys are honest and don't try to rob you! Definitely will be recommending to family and friends.Cheers for the amazing job guys! See you on my next service!
Jhalaica Navales
Jhalaica Navales
20:23 18 May 18
Fantastic service. They booked in quickly and service was completed within a few hours. They gave me a lift home while the car was being serviced and when all was done they even washed the car. I had to return because a light hadn't been fixed and they sorted it out free of charge.
Shanna Rose
Shanna Rose
08:27 26 Jul 18
If you are looking for great mechanic with quality service at a fair price, look no further. From my own personal experience and all of my friends and family who go to these guys, we have all had the same stress free, pleasant service from the team @Icar Service, Kallangur.
Jonas Rasmussen
Jonas Rasmussen
06:07 14 Aug 18
Just had my Ford Ranger serviced at icar an found the guys to be very professional and courteous ,they rang me with the exact amount I had to pay so no surprises at the counter . My Ranger is running perfect now so we are very happy ,we will definitely be return customers as good mechanics who dont rip you off are very hard to come by . Thank you again guys ☺
Shane Batchelor
Shane Batchelor
04:38 30 Jul 18
Thank you so very much to the bosses and staff at iCar Service for doing an amazing job on my Mitsubishi that needed a service badly, I was looking for a new place to go that I can trust, they are very friendly and helpful, there was something I new that needed doing and did not tell them to see if they pick it up and they found the problem and rang me to ask if they can fix it, my husband and I are very happy customer, my car runs amazing, thanks again iCar Service.
Jackque Forster
Jackque Forster
00:08 04 Jul 18
Had the pleasure of dealing with Icar service twice now. Came in for a regular service, the team were a pleasure to deal with, gave a good price, and delivered excellent customer service even offering a courtesy pickup and drop off of my car. Thank you all.
Daniel Trotter
Daniel Trotter
02:03 21 Sep 18
These guys are amazing. Broke down on the side of the road and they dropped everything to get me going again straight away. Couldn't recomend them enough. Thanks guys!
Dwayne McColl
Dwayne McColl
00:16 15 Sep 18
These guys always deliver, even when things don't go to plan they provide honest, experienced feedback and just leave your car better than before you took it.
Darryl King
Darryl King
00:58 14 Sep 18