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Running Short on Time but in Need of a Car Service? Use iCar’s Simple Service for Quick Repairs in the North Lakes Area


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Car problems never come at a convenient time for anyone. Chances are, they happen when you’re on your way to work or a family function or when you don’t have the extra money to handle them. Paying for car service is never fun, but it’s a necessity to have a working vehicle in North Lakes and the surrounding areas. You need your car for work or to pick up your kids from school, which means you likely don’t have all day to sit around waiting for your car to be serviced.

Luckily, at iCar, we offer a quick service option for small car needs. If you are in desperate need of an oil change or need to have your car’s electronic battery looked at, we can help and have you on your way in less than an hour. We can also help with vehicle inspections and changing oil filters and can do it all while you’re on your lunch break. Caring for your car is important, but it shouldn’t take all day. When you have these small needs, some car service centres will take hours to get to them, affecting how you spend your entire day. We will have your car serviced and you on your way in less than 50 minutes. If you are near North Lakes and need car service, see us at iCar.

Quick and Easy Car Service in North Lakes

We have experienced, trained technicians who can take care of these small car services in just a few minutes. Our full list of services that we offer under our Service category includes oil changes, vehicle inspections, battery condition checks, and oil filter changes. None of these services should take more than an hour, yet so many repair shops will take all day to do them. We don’t believe in inconveniencing our customers by doing this.

Of course, there are times when your car will need thorough repairs or service, which is why we also offer our full range of repairs for your brakes, suspension, tyres, cooling systems, transmissions, and more. We tailor your repairs to your vehicle usage and driving style, while also making sure that we service based on the manufacturer’s expectations. For all your car repairs near North Lakes, come and see our highly skilled technicians.

Your Car Care Guardian

At iCar, we want to be your car care guardian—meaning that when you entrust your vehicle to us, we want you to know that it will come back to you in the best condition possible. Thanks to our trusted, experienced mechanics and technicians, we will be able to complete your car repairs quickly, efficiently, and have you back on the road in no time. There are a lot of car repair shops out there, but our unique blend of quick service and expert mechanics sets us apart. If your car needs something minor like an oil change or something serious like transmission repairs, call us on 07 3285 2245 to set up an appointment.