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Air Conditioning

Lost your COOL?

Have us check your car air conditioning system. 

Did you know that your air conditioner should be serviced every 12 months?
Servicing your climate control is not a cost; in the long run it could be a saving.  

Here are some of the services that we supply:

  • System supply & installation
  • Regassing 
  • Retro fitting 134a (the new gas)

Facts and Fibs

FACT: If your air-conditioning system requires a regas, IT HAS A LEAK!
FIB: Your air conditioning system uses gas and requires a regas each year.

Your ac system does not use gas. The benefits of decommissioning and servicing each year are beneficial to both system performance and system life. Retro fitting rather than topping up or utilising blended gasses will preserve system life and reduce future maintenance costs to the system. 

We are the answer! Your cars aircon system to you is not a complicated issue… it works or it won’t. 

In many cases the repair required is NOT a regas! It may simply be an electrical fault or drive belt problem. A correct and accurate diagnosis will confirm what is required before repairs are commenced fully informing you of the course of action required. If your system requires a regas, remember it must have leaked and therefore the leak should be repaired to ensure system integrity and performance.

In some cases detection of the leak is not possible prior to regassing. To assist with further diagnosis and leak detection iCar use leak detection dye each and every time. This will ensure if your system leaks in the future, leaks are located easily. In rare cases it is necessary to charge the system to assist with the detection of miniscule leaks, consider a puncture in a tyre, it is usually required that the tyre be inflated to locate the leak, in the case of air conditioning it is not that simple. 

Be careful about what you have put in your system. There are replacement substances that are ineffective and VOID warranty on components used in your car air conditioning system. 

iCar Service is a registered member of Arctick, insist that you only have your system repaired by an approved Arctick Technician and that they only install R134a. Anything else and your taking unnescesary risks.

Car Air Conditioning Odour and Sick Car Syndrome

So you flick on your car air conditioner and immediately notice the smell, musty and a bit off. Then after a few moments, it’s gone! You will tell yourself something like, ‘it does that at first, until it clears then its fine’ or, ‘it’s now stopped’.  

Only it hasn’t! What you are initially smelling is bacteria and mould spores travelling through the car air conditioning vents into the air of the cabin. It can cause common colds, headaches, running noses. For asthma sufferers it’s even worse. Sometimes you will just be uncomfortable. The worst part is it doesn’t go away, you mind simply chooses to ignore it, but that smell, that bacteria, and that mould remain, growing every time you use your car air conditioning system. It could be from cigarette smoke, a blocked evaporator drain, or just normal use over time.

Your car's air conditioning system is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria, microorganisms, mould and fungi. Condensation on the car air conditioning evaporator coil is the perfect environment to cultivate micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi. It’s where the medical condition of Sick Car Syndrome got its name.

It’s a not all bad news, we can simply treat the system with ozone gas, the world’s best natural disinfectant.

Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, odours, and mould spores at the source for a purified, healthier, and more comfortable interior environment.

No chemicals, just pure Ozone to clean your car air conditioning system in a safe, allergy free manner. It’s the same practice used in hospitals and ambulances to sterilise the environment without the use of harmful chemicals.

We offer this service for $94.00 on its own, or for $75.00 with every car air conditioning service or regas.